A few years ago, I began working for myself.  I had spent most of my career to that point working for large professional service or financial services firms, and while it was a little scary going out on my own – it aligned perfectly with my needs and interests.

I started small, offering accounting & tax services to a few small businesses in my area.  Over the past few years it’s grown into small business consulting… helping small business owners better manage their business through concrete actions, and helping them make better decisions with better financial information.  I talk more about it here.

My father had been asking me for years and years when I would “hang my shingle”.  And while you could say that I hung my shingle back when I struck out on my own a couple of years ago… that wasn’t really the case.  I didn’t put myself out there and open up to the public.  I was keeping my professional self separate from my online self.

Today’s the day that changes.

Today’s the day I hang my shingle:  www.jpawlowski.com

With the help of a few people, and because we’re living in the future, I’m doing this with a shiny new website. I have my own little corner of the internet that clearly shows people who I am, and what I do, and allows them to “walk in” and contact me if they want to know more.

I’m so happy with how it came out.  Carrie, web designer extraordinaire, used her design magic to turn my amorphous ideas into something simple and beautiful and just what I was wishing for.

It feels a little strange to put such a strong statement about myself out there on the internet for all to see.  The internet can allow for all sorts of anonymity, hiding behind usernames and avatars and you never have to meet anyone face-to-face and own up to the things you say.  But that’s not who I am, and today I’m hanging my shingle.

I hope you’ll come in and take a look around.