This weekend I stepped outside of time.

Riding Bikes

(Spring. Kind of.)

Eric was away.  My parents were away.  My brothers were away.  It was just me and the boys, with no back up or distractions.

The boys were delighted to have a couple of days straight wearing their pajamas, and not having the leave the house.  We played trains, fort, block tower… we had dance parties, and we built more vehicles than you can imagine out of the expected (duplos) and the unexpected (nail clippers).  We ate “kid” food all weekend.  (So many PB&Js.  So. Many.)  The bike ride above was the only time we actually left the house for any reason.

It was glorious.

After bedtime and during nap time I enjoyed the solitude, queued up Season 1 of Game of Thrones, and raced through the entire front of a fingering-weight sweater.*   (See above re: glorious.)

Today it is back to life as scheduled.  Work, daycare, grown up meals.  The Schedule.  I’m finding it a bit hard to find my groove… I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired from being point on both boys, alone, all weekend, or if it’s the dissonance from residing for two days in a world where my biggest problem was losing Mr. Potato Head’s ear.

And as strange as today feels, I highly recommend stepping out of the world for a couple of days, if you can sometime.  It was surprisingly lovely to be unplugged, out-of-touch with the world, and focused on just each other.


*I am cutting it dangerously close on yarn there.  Either I will be seaming the pieces this week, or I will be re-knitting the back piece to eke out a tiny bit more yarn.  I’ll explain why later this week.  (My fault entirely, not the pattern’s fault.)