Because tax planning and preparation is no small part of the services I provide for my clients, March and April are pretty crazypants around these parts.  It starts small in February, like no time at work for personal emails.  By mid-March it’s no time for anything personal, and that includes cooking dinner or doing laundry.  And it’s funny, because the first weekend after April 15th each year, it actually feels WEIRD to not be going into work on Saturday and Sunday.

This year I planned ahead for the post 15th lull (and by lull, I mean normal) and ordered some very, very pretty yarn to start Minx:

Indigodragonfly Merino Silk 4-ply in “Blink, Edith, Blink”.

You know how sometimes, it’s just a little tiny thing that can turn a pretty tough day, or week, around?  That small moment of peace, a small burst of simple joy?  I wasn’t expecting the package to arrive, and it was both a delight to see in the mailbox (yay!  it arrived!) and a delight to see how much prettier it is in person.

Sometimes even very great photography just doesn’t do the luster of silk or the nuance of excellent dyeing justice.  It’s knitting up beautifully, and I can’t wait to get some good photos of my progress to share here.