So, I was fortunate enough last weekend to spend a few days down near the itty-bitty end of the Cape, for some yarn-y fun and general relaxing.  I heard reports of stifling heat on the mainland (my boys slept in the basement one night, god love them), but it was not only cool enough that the constant winds of the ocean gave me gooseflesh at times, but I may have even closed my windows at night in an effort to keep warm.

It was lovely.  It was time out of time.  There was nothing to do (no laundry! no diapers!) but focus on yarn-y things, while enjoying good company.  The weather was cool enough that I was able to finish off Minx (and even do a sunrise photo shoot with Caro!  Photos to come…) and start on another sweater:

which shall remain mysterious for now.  It is not my design, and it hasn’t been released, but I can say I expect it to be beautiful, and the yarn is a dream (it’s Indigodragonfly, so no surprise there).  I received the draft pattern, and its working title is “Kim’s Lovely Yarn”, which is somehow just perfect.

This weekend I’m doing something new, and driving up BY MYSELF for A Taste of Squam.  I’ve never done anything like that before, that is, attend a knitting festival/weekend all by my lonesome.  I was super intrigued by the Squam website, and even though I’m super uncomfortable by the idea that I won’t have someone there to share the experience with, I’m excited to be trying something new.

(I’m trying to shrug off first day at a new school feelings… because who will I sit with for lunch??  At thirty-mumble-mumble, I was hoping all that was over, and I’m going to shove that fear to the back corner of my mind, and stamp down on it.  Hard.)

It’s completely outside my comfort zone, and I think that’s in the spirit of the Squam workshops, so, we’ll see, won’t we?

I really loved this bit from the event email:

Lastly, but most important of all– please try to clear your mind of all expectation of what the weekend might be like for you.  Arrive open and in a state of blank slate and let the experience reveal itself to you.

Whether this is your first time or your fifth—it will be a brand new experience as you have never been exactly here before.  Sink into the mystery and the magic.  Trust that it will be just what your spirit needs most.

Anyone else going to Squam this weekend?