Did you see the First Fall Knitty came out this week?  I don’t have a design in it (let’s be honest people, I gave up on dreams of designing years ago), but I was delighted to showcase a new sweater by Amy Herzog:



Delighted is an understatement, really.  It’s not everyday that an accomplished designer creates a sweater specifically for your specific shape and fit, and THEN KNITS THE SAMPLE, JUST FOR YOU, right??  I am one lucky duck.  Truly.

I love the pockets…


…and the stand-up collar.


I particularly love that it is a wool-lover’s sturdy sweater, without being dowdy or oversized.

Fortunately for me & Jackaroo, it’s been a cold, wet spring, and I’ve been wearing it all the time.  It’s been a nice start to what I expect will be a long, happy relationship.  Sturdy & warm, but with delicate details.

(Yes, I know it’s sad that I’m using a wool sweater as the bright side of a 54 degree wet June, but hey, it’s all I have.)

Today, summer finally arrived, and I’ve tucked it away, happy to know it’s ready to pull out come September, maybe with some great jeans and riding boots.

However, as someone pointed out to me last weekend, it’s only about 10 weeks to sweater season again.  Do you know what you’re knitting for fall?  I’d be casting on for this one, except, I’ve already got one.  Yay!