It’s been a crazy awesome summer.

Shortly after returning from TNNA, I went to Seattle for the wedding of an awesome friend, watched the 4th of July fireworks from the shores of Lake Washington:

(…while knitting on my CustomFit test sweater, naturally.)

We marveled at the glories of nature:

Snoqualmie Falls

We danced barefoot in the grass at a Yacht Club (you’ll have to imagine the dancing part – it commenced shortly after this picture was taken):

(If you imagine the dancing correctly, it was a bunch of thirty-something parents and pregnant women dancing our hearts out to Macklemore and Daft Punk, while a cardboard cutout of the groom crowd-surfed.  Amazingly fun time… and probably hilarious to watch.)

We visited the market, of course.

Obligatory Pike Place Photo

A couple of weeks later we traveled to Florida with a large chunk of extended family, lived poolside while the kids swam like fish, and had an enchanted time at Disney:

At risk of sounded like a sap, my 4 year old was perfect age for it.  He *believed* he was in space on the Star Wars ride, and could not contain his excitement when he got to hug Pluto or stand next to Lightning McQueen.

On Monday of that week I felt like Disney was the worst place on Earth.

By Friday it had completely won me over.

The week we returned, my brother Tom accomplished something he’s been working toward for almost 10 years, and as a family we enjoyed a celebratory dinner in a private room with one of the best views in Boston.

The only thing better than the view was the company.

All the while I’ve been working with Amy on the testing and pre-launch work for CustomFit.  Needless to say, it’s been a pretty fabulous mix of insanely busy and incredibly fun.

I’m SO CLOSE to having a sweater to show off here:

I’m so happy with the way the body fits, without any thought, or manual modifications on my own part.  I can’t wait to show you all a finished sweater.  Soon!