Like pretty much everyone, my life is pretty darn busy.  I’ve got a husband and two energetic young boys.  I have work that I love, but that takes up a lot of head space.  Like everyone, I’m juggling to maintain a home, a family, work, and friends.

I want to MAKE.  I love to make great food for my family.  I want to cover my people and fill my home with things made with my own two hands.

And, of course, I also like to knit.  I really, really like to knit.

But right now in my life, my favorite sort of knitting is the kind I don’t have to think much about.  Last winter I whipped out a baby blanket for the first time and thought, holy god that was amazing!  I didn’t have to worry about getting gauge.  I didn’t have to worry about it fitting.  I could just knit.

I brought it everywhere with me (because I COULD!  I could knit it anywhere, because I never had to THINK about it) and I finished it in less than 2 weeks.

I’ve been working with Amy on CustomFit, and last month I knit up my test sweater.


(This is me, giddy about my sweater.  Can you tell?)

So, we’ve thought for a while now that CustomFit was going to be pretty awesome.

But knitting my test sweater was a revelation:  it was as easy as knitting a blanket, with the reward of knitting a sweater you actually love to wear.


I made a few simple decisions.  (Here’s my swatch!  I want a v-neck pullover!)

I knit to my own gauge.

I didn’t have to make a single modification.

I just knit.


And you know what?  I’ve never had a better fitting piece of clothing.  I keep thinking, it’s like it was made just for ME!  But really it’s more accurate to say… it was designed just for ME.  All the thinking had already been done.

I just knit.  And in less than 2 weeks, I had made the best sweater I’ve ever worn.

(Of all sweaters – hand-knit or store bought.  EVER.)

And it was the easiest too.

I’m swatching for my second one right now.  Whoo!