The last you heard from this intrepid knitter was the sound of a gauntlet being laid.  I had 2 days, and half a sweater to knit and finish.

I knit the left cardigan front on Wednesday.  I felt good.

I knit the right cardigan front on Thursday.  I felt good.

I soaked and blocked all pieces at 1am on Friday.  Things were getting a little hairy, but the spin cycle and an optimal combination of fan and space heater ensured the pieces were dry by 7am Friday, at which point I had to leave the house.

I still felt pretty good.

But this, my dears, is where life gets in the way of knitting.  Friday was an epic day.  Amy and I met up, drove out to Northampton, and bought all the buttons from WEBS.  We had a lovely and leisurely lunch with friends at Paul & Elizabeth’s.  (Where a little old lady stopped and observed how adorable we all were with our little knitting club.  It was both odd and hilarious.)  We hopped in the car and made our way toward Rhinebeck.

And the black hole time warp thing happened.  We got to the house at like 8:30pm.  There was unloading and settling and checking in at the computer to do.  There was some other, more pressing, knitting.  I was up until 2am, and the sweater was only partially seamed at that point.

That’s when I thought, uh oh.

The whole weekend was like that.  At the fairgrounds early, seeing people, walking the booths, arranging the meet-ups*, post-festival socializing meant loooong days, and not a ton of time at the house to sit and knit (or seam, as it were), even with going to bed in the wee hours.


(Oh Rhinebeck… you are so good, and oh so bad, for my sweater knitting.)

By Sunday it was seamed, and had button bands, but only 2 buttons and zero ends woven in.  I tried it on.

And that was my fatal error.

You know what happens when you try on a sweater that isn’t finished enough to wear in public, but is finished enough to wear?  Especially when it fits you perfectly, and is warm and cozy and is exactly what you wanted it to be?

This is what happens:

2013-10-23 09.53.02 HDR

You can’t take it off long enough to actually finish it.  This is basically what I’ve looked like the past 3 days, when not in public.

It’s pathetic.  But I don’t want to take it off, and right now, it’s good enough for my office.  I’ll have to buck up and do something about it soon, but today is not that day.

(I cannot be the only one who’s done this, right?)


* By the way, it was AWESOME to see all of you at the CustomFit meet-ups.  There were some beautiful sweaters, and I met so many wonderful people while taking measurements.  Thanks everyone for coming!  I cannot wait to see everyone’s sweaters!