So.  Last night my mom said:

Hey, I really like that sweater.  Where’d you get it?

A year or two ago I would have bristled a bit.  (Can’t you tell that I made this with my own two hands!?!)

Now, I couldn’t be happier.  I want to make clothes.  Clothes that fit beautifully, and are exactly what I want to wear, in colors that I love.  And I can now, which is cool.

The fact that my mom saw this sweater as clothing… clothing that she wanted maybe to go out and buy herself… is a pretty damn good sign that I’m doing exactly that.


It’s a pretty awesome feeling.  Also? I never want to take this sweater off.  It’s like a warm soft hug that fits me perfectly, and yet doesn’t look like a sack.

On with the details!


Yarn: Quince & Co. Osprey, Colorway: Storm

Osprey is a soft, aran-weight, 100% American wool yarn.  (It knit up like lightning on size 9 US needles.)  It was very, very pleasant to knit with.

Purchased at KnitWit, a lovely yarn shop on the main drag in Portland, ME that also has the distinction of being the Quince & Co. flagship store.  Behind me in many of the pictures is their Wall O’ Quince, which I dare anyone to try resisting.  (You will fail.) That yarn is perfect for making beautiful clothes, and KnitWit has a wonderful warm atmosphere that makes you dream of knitting all the things.


(Awesome buttons purchased at WEBS en route to Rhinebeck)

Pattern:  CustomFit

Size: Mine!  Everywhere!!

My CustomFit choices:

Relaxed Fit
Sleeved cardigan
Long sleeves, 5” of 1×1 rib edging
V-neck – 2” below armhole
Low-hip hem, 2” hem height, 1×1 rib
1” button band allowance
1” button band height, 1×1 rib
7 button holes



I manually added 1×1 rib detail on back by:

  • When back decreases were complete, on next row work until 1st marker, begin 1×1 rib to 2nd marker, work in stockinette to end.
  • Continue as established until back increases begin, approximately 1 inch of ribbing worked.

Surprising thing about this sweater:

That I can have a relaxed fit sweater that is definitely roomy and comfortable (I could fit another layer in addition to what I was wearing in the pictures, no problem) without it looking boxy, droopy, or “boyfriend-ey” and I mean that in the literal sense.

So, CustomFit the second is down, and my third has been swatched and started.  I’ll tell you all about it later this week…

(I have my next 4 or 5 already planned out in my head.  The past couple of weeks I have actively sought out learning how to knit faster, because literally I can’t knit them fast enough.  I want them all.  Right now.)