I acquired this beautiful yarn at our retreat in September:
2013-11-06 12.26.46

Yarn – Woolen Rabbit Emma (DK Polwarth/Silk blend)

Colorway – Pussywillow

And knew immediately what I wanted it to be – a shawl collar, 3/4 length sleeve pullover, with an accent button worked into the shawl collar fastening somewhere:



(Cool new thing I learned: I used Sketchpad Pro on my iPad to create a personalized croquis for myself.  I traced an outline of a picture of myself wearing a sweater, and then deleted the picture layer of the file.  Now I have a general representation of myself to draw my sweater ideas.  LOVE.)

Once I had that down on paper (or whatever the digital equivalent is) I swatched, put my inputs into CustomFit, and got started!  I’ll have to work out the shawl collar myself, as that’s not one of the options in CustomFit yet, but it’s a pretty straightforward change.

One sleeve down… back, front, and 2nd sleeve to go.

Amy and I will be at Clara Parkes’ Knitter’s Review retreat this weekend, and I expect to make large chunks of progress on this sweater.

Later this week I’m going to talk about the fabric of this sweater, and how my my improved knitting technique results not just in faster knitting, but better quality fabric.  I can’t wait to talk more about it!